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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about Briyte products please contact your retailer or supplier. You can search through the Frequently Asked Questions below but it is recommended that you ask your retailer or supplier directly any questions you may have. To search this page for questions & answers press the CTRL and the F button together.

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My mouth light doesn't turn on, any help?

Please remove the batteries and remove the plastic circle, put the batteries back in, close the light to allow the light to work.

I can’t fit the mouth light in with the mouth trays, what can I do?

If you find this, at this stage, you can cut the holding tabs off the front of the mouth trays which you needed when moulding.

Do you put the light in your mouth after the trays or during?

To get the best results put the light in with the trays.

How do you put the Briyte charcoal on your toothbrush?

You might want to use a separate toothbrush just for the charcoal as it is black. Just dab your brush into the top of the charcoal powder and start brushing. Do this over the sink.

Does the product come sealed or not?

All brand new Briyte products should come with a seal. Different products will be sealed differently from others but all should be sealed from new.

Does Briyte have vegan product’s?

In short, yes. Many Briyte products are vegan. Please ask your retailer with the specific product you are interested in for confirmation.

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